It is a recognised fact that knitted garments are prone to pilling/bobbling but this does not necessarily mean the fabric is faulty. Pilling can be caused by any of the following –

External friction, heat generated by the individual when the garment is worn, washing the garment at the incorrect temperature and/or with other garments that rub against the fabric ie towels, tumble drying.

Sometimes pilling appears after a short period of wear, but if the garment is washed as soon as they appear , it will often become smooth again. This is a similar principle to that of the fluff that appears after laying a new carpet. Use of a pilling comb is also recommended. Once the initial pilling fibres have been removed, they are unlikely to reappear.

Care of your garments to avoid pilling:

1. Wash your clothes inside out

2. Wash on a short, delicate cycle

3. Use gentle, liquid non-bio detergent

4. Wash separately

5. Handwash

6. Air dry your clothes

7. Brush regularly

8. And if pills do appear, use a special pilling comb or bobble remover